Hong Kong Jewelry Company Claim for $600,000 To Russian Buyer

Posted on Dec 12, 2016

A Hong Kong company dealing with the wholesale trade in jewelry applied to our firm. In 2014-2015, our client supplied jewelry in excess of 1.5 mln US dollars in favor of a company registered in  Kaliningrad, Russia. Unfortunately, the Russian buyer paid only for a part of the goods that it received and a debt of more than 600 thousand US dollars was accumulated. All attempts of our lawyers to settle this dispute amicably did not lead to any positive outcome, therefore it was decided to bring an action to the court.

In the preliminary hearing, the respondent's representatives provided the court with a supply agreement which terms and conditions were totally different from the agreement presented by our client, including the delivery terms. Moreover, the respondent claimed to the court that the weight and the total price of the supplied jewelry are much less than stated by our client.

Our Russian business dispute lawyers are working to gather the necessary evidence to refute the arguments of the respondent.