Outstanding debt exceeding EUR 115,000 recovered from the Russian debtor in favor of our Lithuanian client

A Lithuanian company engaged in printing business applied to our company with a request to help it recover from the Russian company being its customer-buyer the outstanding amount due for the supplied goods in the amount of EUR 115,754 as well as the contractual penalties for the delayed. After the analysis of the documents presented by our client and attempts to settle the issue amicably which failed due to the lack of response from the respondent’s side, our lawyers decided to file a claim in court.

The case complexity was that the customer-supplier did not have the original hard copy of the contract with the Russian company, and there were no written confirmations on the receipt of the goods by the buyer (there were no signatures in the international consignment notes). In order to confirm the receipt of the goods by the buyer, our lawyers had to contact the carrier of the goods - the Belarusian company, which provided confirmation of the transfer of the goods to the buyer.

In addition, because the objects of the deliveries in question were fairly well-known magazines distributed in the Russian territory, our lawyers provided the Arbitration Court with confirmation that the corresponding issues of magazines, indicating the printing house owned by our client, were sold in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, having reviewed accepted the arguments put forth by our attorneys as well as the evidence collected by our team, on February 21, 2017 the Moscow Arbitration Court satisfied the claims of the Lithuanian company and recovered from the debtor the value of the supplied goods of EUR 115,754.

EUR 115 000