Full Recovery Against Russian Company by Our Client

The Arbitration Court of Chelyabinsk region made a favorable award in the second action of our client – the large Korean company manufacturing equipment for petrochemical industry, against the Russian company for the recovery of payment for the supplied goods of 184,200 US dollars, penalty for late payment of 18,420 US dollars, and costs for state duty payment of 89,108 RUR, and thus fully satisfied the client’s claim.

The large Korean company manufacturing equipment for petrochemical industry sought professional legal advice at Jus Privatum law firm.

First of all, our lawyers requested and received from the consignee (a third person) confirmation of goods delivery to the defendant. Then we prepared and filed to the court the client's claim for the recovery of debt for the supplied goods, and calculated the amount of penalty pursuant to the supply agreement. Since the defendant failed to appear in the preliminary court hearing and did not present the statement of defense, upon a motion of our lawyer the Arbitration Court proceeded into the main hearing immediately after the preliminary session. Taking into account that the documents prepared by our lawyers fully proved the arguments contained in the statement of claim, and the Defendant did not rebut them, the Court held its decision in favor of our client.

184,200 USD