EUR 207,000 Recovered Debt From Russian Publishing Company

A Lithuanian company dealing with printing activities applied to Jus Privatum with a request to provide legal support for the recovery of debt for the supplied goods in the amount of EUR 207,000 from a Russian company (a well-known publishing house). Our lawyers prepared a pre-trial claim demanding to conduct negotiations and reach an out-of-court settlement on immediate repayment of the outstanding debt .

Authorized representatives of the Russian debtor took part in the negotiations regarding a possible settlement agreement. As a result of these negotiations conducted by skilled Jus Privatum lawyers a mutually profitable agreement on debt settlement has been drafted and executed by the parties. The funds in the amount of 50% of the debt as well as the full amount of client's expenses for legal services have already arrived to the bank account of our client. Remaining debt shall be repaid in several installments over next several months.

EUR 207,000