Locating and Registering an Official Company Address in Russia

When starting a company in Russia, you will have many forms to fill out—including registration forms, tax forms, and bank account forms—and all of these forms must list a legal address in Russia as the location of the business. At Jus Privatum, we will assist with the process of registering your commercial address, or you may want to take advantage of our virtual address service.

Locating Commercial Space

Under Russian law, in order for a location to be used as the official address for a company, it must be zoned as commercial or industrial property. You may not use a residential address as your official company address. Locating available commercial or industrial space in Moscow or St. Petersburg can be difficult and, if you do find available space, can be expensive. You may want to consider looking in the greater Moscow or St. Petersburg regions rather than in a city center.

There are two major concerns when searching for an appropriate residential address:

  • The residential address should not be blacklisted as an address for bulk registration of legal entities. Even if all documents provided by the landlord are formally in the line with legal requirements, the registration application for the new company will be declined.
  • The documents provided by the owner of commercial or industrial property for the registration of residential address must be in line with Russian law.

Once you do find space, you will need to register the address as your official company address. Whether you rent or own the property, you will need to provide documentation proving your right to use the address. Documentation may include the following:

  • Certificate of ownership or property deed.
  • Signed lease or rental agreement.
  • A landlord’s guarantee letter.
  • Documentation confirming the landlord’s right to the property as leased to you.

Our office can assist in this process with translation services, acquiring the required forms and documentation, and submitting the forms to the registration office.

Use of a Virtual Address

Often, entrepreneurs setting up a new business will have to fill out paperwork and submit documentation before they are able to rent or purchase office or retail space for their business. In this very common situation, Jus Privatum offers clients the use of an address for these purposes. Our address service provides the following benefits:

  • Use of a legal, registered address in Moscow, Moscow region, or St. Petersburg.
  • Mail forwarding services for any incoming correspondence.
  • Significant cost savings over leasing temporary space.
  • More time for you to locate a physical address if you need one.

With so much business being conducted online today, some business owners find that they don’t need a physical office or retail space at all. Because a registered address is required under Russian corporate law, using a virtual office service could be the answer for you. The foreign investor should not forget that the physical address of the virtual office can be different from the residential address used for registration. The virtual office providers are often not able to provide both virtual office and registered residential addresses, due to the legal limits on the maximum number of companies using any single address.

There are many companies that offer these services in Russia—some less trustworthy than others—but you can trust that we will provide excellent service and that your Russian address with us will be legitimate and reliable.

We Offer Comprehensive Legal Services

Registering a business office is a small but very important part of starting a company in Russia. With our experienced legal and business advisors, translation services from many languages, and insiders’ knowledge of the process, we are your best choice for your new business endeavor. Fill out the contact form on this page to get started.

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